Running the Scenarios

February 11, 2010

So, let’s say, in a perfect world, that I wake up on Friday morning (CD 13) and I have a positive OPK. I can’t get to the office to pick up the spermies until 2:30 PM. Then, I have an appointment with a client at 6:00 PM. I would have to then drive home at 3:00PM, inseminate alone at 3:30, and then drive to my appointment at 5:00pm for a total of 135 miles tomorrow. The package comes with 2 vials of 1 cc each, so I could inseminate again with Wifebian on Saturday morning before heading out to work for a 9AM appointment. Sperm man told me not to use the sperm on Saturday, but I think he is wrong. If he took it out of the fridge on Thursday morning, it should still be good.

I found a nice little FAQ that says, “Most doctors will do an intra-uterine insemination (IUI) the day after the LH surge, or about 36 hours after it is detected. With a vaginal insemination, or an intra-cervical insemination (ICI) in someone with good fertile mucus, the day of the surge may be preferable.”

(We are doing vaginal.)

I’ve been testing twice a day for three days. It was negative today at 2:00 PM, which was my first test of the day.

OK, we’ve hit the boring limit for one post. Thanks for letting me talk this out. When I read these kinds of posts on other people’s blogs I just have to tune out because I can’t make sense of it all. But, after my stunning level of under performance last month, I’m trying to avoid a repeat.

Over and out, uterus land.

Except, I wonder. Whats the worst possible thing that could happen if I use sperm that is “too old”?

The sperms are coming on dry ice. I wonder if the package will be cold to the touch? I’ll just tell the receptionist I am in the Ham of the Month Club.


One Response to “Running the Scenarios”

  1. metalstork said

    ha, i agree with what’s the worst that can happen saturday but would probably insem in the middle of the night to be safer…like a 3 a.m. barely-awake get-off session. the benefit is that you’ll hopefully go back to sleep after – giving your body plenty of time to welcome your millions of visitors.

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