Smart and Happy and Married

February 8, 2010

Today, a ten year old threatened to kill me. It’s the first time I have ever been threatened by a client. Last week, he threatened to throw rocks at my car. This is the most disturbed child I’ve ever worked with. As in, damaged in transit, messed up from day one, irrespective of whatever neglect, trauma and abuse he may have suffered, or not, since his arrival into the world. He has set fires, masturbated in public, draws disturbing pictures, goes after his mom with knives, etcetera.

In a way, I like it. Dealing with him is primal and important. It’s very basic and it’s almost always an emergency. I feel like he is a piece of flint and I am being sharpened every time I see him. In a way, it burns me out, though, too. I have to come home and zone out on Facebook and blogs, instead of writing the service note, the incident report and calling the collaterals. This is the kind of kid that people lose their license over, I really shouldnt be blogging right now.

Speaking of licenses, I will be taking the test that qualifies me as an independent clinical social worker on February 12th. Essentially, this license means that I have a graduate education, 2,00 hours of supervised post-graduate experience and the ability to read directions, to fill out forms very carefully and in a specific order (or ask other people to do it), the ability to scrape together $400.00 dollars and to sit through and pass two two-hour tests.

The license entitles me to a 10,000 dollar raise at work, which I will have to fight for since I am such an unproductive employee. More than that, it also entitles me to provide social work services to the public at large without the benefit of a supervisor. I can hang my shingle, so to speak, or put it out, or whatever it is professionals do with shingles.

I was talking to my clinical supervisor the other day, getting a retrospective of her social work career, asking her about the decisions she has made and why, asking her about lessons learned. Basically, she said that if she had it to do all over again, she wouldve gone to graduate school sooner, so that she could become a therapist sooner, so that she could have more time to get as good at it as she possibly could. I took this to mean that I should do the thing I think I will like the best as soon as possible, so that, if it turns out I like it as much as I thought I would, I will have as much time as possible to master it. She said that this is, in fact, how I should take it.

The thing I think I would like the best is to go into business with my wife. I would be the child therapist and she would be the tutor. We would call the outfit Smart & Happy. (We are really excited about that name.) I also decided that instead of having an office, we should build a tree house in the back yard and see clients there. How’s that for a business plan?

It’s not so much that I want to be a small business owner, or even provide therapy to children. It’s more that I want to spend time with my wife. Is that a good reason? I mean, how could it be that you find the person you like best in the whole world and then go spend the vast majority of your time with other people?

I was talking to a coworker the other day. He is assigned to work with two children who go to my wife’s school. We determined that Mondays through Fridays he will be seeing Wifebian more than I will.

Speaking of spending time with other people, today is CD 9.

I’ll break out the OPKs tomorrow morning.


5 Responses to “Smart and Happy and Married”

  1. A. said

    I am so sorry about work. But your business idea is awesome.

  2. Vikki said

    I once had a client (18 year old MI/DD girl) rip a coke can in half and take it down the length of my girlfriend’s car (I had swapped cars with her that day, of course). Then she ran and I had to run after her because I was the director of a 24 hour facility. I caught up with her near the highway where she was going to run into traffic. I restrained her and we ended up wrestling in a ditch and she nearly bit my thumb off. The saddest part of all is that I really liked her and she really liked me. Despite that, I couldn’t help her. Social work – good times!

  3. mrsbasement said

    omg. that is the nuttiest social worker story i have ever heard. clearly, i am doing something wrong. my craziest story does not involve thumbs or ditches.

  4. Vikki said

    Give it time and you’ll have plenty of weird stories. I could (and have considered) writing an entire book of them.

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