Writing That Makes Me Happy

February 4, 2010

For those of you that would like to read a sweet, funny, true poem about marriage please find Anne Waldman’s poem entitled “Marriage” from the book “Marriage: A Sentence“. It starts off a little something like this:

Marriage marriage is like you say everything in stereo stereo fall fall on the bed bed at dawn/ dawn because you work work all night. Night is an apartment. Meant to be marriage. Marriage is an/ apartment meant people come in in because when you marry marry chances are there/ will be edibles edibles to eat eat at tables tables in the house. House will be the apartment which is night/ night. There there will be a bed bed and an extra bed bed a clean sheet sheet sheet or two two for guests/ guests one extra towel. Extra towel. How will you be welcomed? There will be drinks drinks galore galore/ brought by armies of guests guests casks casks of liquors liquors & brandies brandies elixirs sweet & / bitter bitter bottle of Merlot Merlot Bustelo coffee. Will you have some when I offer. When you are married/ married there will be handsome gifts for the kitchen kitchen sometimes two of everything.

And if you would like to read a sweet, funny true entry about other-motherness, please read this entry by a lady other than me, it’s called “Roadie


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