An Ode to My Mother

February 3, 2010

With all of the whining about the deadbeat bio mom in Rhode Island, the lady who raised me has gotten short shrift. She is who I call mom. In brief (again), she is Jewish, from Baltimore, a teacher. The interesting thing about her is that she is adopted, too. Likely given up by a jewess who bumped it with a shagitz. The infuriating thing is that she never told me this, it was my dad who did, maybe three years after they divorced. I was, as was mentioned, furious about this. Also, she never had any kids of her own, just me. Who she got at the age of 2.

Anyway, point is I am ode-ing her; She asks about our pregnancy process every time we talk. Without fail. She warms up by telling me about her co-worker’s pregnant daughter and then asks me when we are trying again. She refers to the unborn thing as “her grandchild”.  At first, it seemed forced and strange because my mother is far from warm or maternal, and it still seems strange, yet, I enjoy playing along. I enjoy pretending that we are a warm, maternal family. And the more she does it, the better I get at feeling all warm and maternal-like. But also, just like — basically, good on her. Good for her. Whether she really means it or feels it or whether I’m faking back or just being my ever impossible unforgiving self, good for her for being such an awesome mom of a gay.

Now. Down to business. We have 4 recorded ovulation days — CD 17, CD 14, CD15 and CD 13. I dont know much about mean, median and mode, but I’m thinking that I will be ovulating on CD 14, which lands us on Saturday, February 13. So, I will order on Friday, February 12th and hope for the best.

Whatever kid it is trying to break on through to my other side, it sure likes holidays.


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