The Baby Boat Has Sailed

January 18, 2010

And we are waving our handkerchiefs from the dock.

We called the sperm shop yesterday to place our order. The sperm shop man called back to say that FedEx is closed on Sunday (?!), thereby delaying shipment until Monday for a Tuesday delivery, thusly missing the egg window. He said that, in the future, if I think I might ovulate on a Sunday that I need to call the Friday prior.

There was about a half hour of disappointment, followed by an easy acceptance. I have been consumed by 6 day work weeks and 10 hour days for the past month. I didnt get to inseminate because my heart and mind are being pulled in so many different directions, but I also didnt get fired, so there’s that accomplishment to be proud of. And there really is only so much I can accomplish in any given month.

So, with an eye toward the fiture, Wifebian and I stocked up on three months worth of OPKs (the card worked!). We have the documentation we need from the sperm shop and will submit it to ADP this week. Tomorrow, I’ll start temping so that I am in the swing of things by this time next month. And Wifebian is painting what will be the baby room as I type this to you. By the time I get around to explaining my work woes and adventures in anti-depressants, it’ll be shOw time — just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Upwards and onwards.


5 Responses to “The Baby Boat Has Sailed”

  1. MamaDeux said

    Ugh, so sorry. Weekend ovulation threw us off often. I love that she’s painting the baby room – and that you have your own place again! I’m obviously behind the times but congrats on the move. Here’s to a sweet Valentine’s Day showtime.

    And sorry to hear about the work woes…

  2. Me said

    Happy baby news! It sounds like work blows, but it’s great that you haven’t been fired. I feel very accomplished about that very thing myself.

  3. I’m sorry things didn’t work out for inseminating this time around. Shitballs. But good for you for paying more attention to the silver lining, your eyes on the prize, etc etc. Valentine’s Day would be lovely!

  4. Hi,
    I recently came across you blog, and am so excited for you! My wife and I are also in our first year of marriage, and have also embarked on our TTC journey (we are still in the waaaay early stages of preparing and planning, but it is all exciting, nonetheless!)

    Best of Luck,


  5. […] out because I can’t make sense of it all. But, after my stunning level of under performance last month, I’m trying to avoid a […]

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