January 17, 2010

So, ladies.

If you only had 3,000 dollars

and you were trying to conceive at the age of 32

sans assistance of drugs or sonograms

with the frozen donor sperm

of a 54 year old man whose spunk

had a post thaw motility of 20 million motile cell per cc of seminal fluid,

would you go for:

1 insem of 400 ccs per month for THREE months


1 insem of 200 ccs per month for SIX months?

(your prompt reply is appreciated because the OPK told me I am surging as of 3 minutes ago).

* What would trying to conceive lesbians do?


8 Responses to “WWTTCLD?*”

  1. B. I have heard that doubling up insems gives you an added 6% chance per try, but each try is about a 20-22% chance.

    Good luck this cycle!

  2. Loaf said

    I’d probably do option B as well.

  3. EMQ said

    I would do 2 insemif 200cc for 3 months!
    But that’s just me;)

  4. Trinity said

    I agree with EMQ, I’d do the same

  5. alimis said

    I agree with Shroe and would do B.

  6. Debbie said

    Have you read “The New Essential Guide to Lesbian Conception, Pregnancy, and Birth?” I have been reading it and they give many tips as to timing insemination according to your particular fertility signals. The authors say “Always inseminate more than once a month.” They also say, interestingly, that in the fall and winter 90% of women ovulate between 4pm and 7pm, and that you should separate the inseminations by eighteen hours.

    Anyone else try following the advice of this book?

  7. Depends on how on target you feel about pinpointing your ovulation, I think.

  8. MamaDeux said

    For what it’s worth, I say B, also. It just makes sense to try and hit that egg before it pops out and after the fact, too. We heard that it was better to skip a day between – i.e. do one a day before o’ing and one, say, a day after.

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