When ADP Is Your Daddy

January 16, 2010

After 12 cycle days of inaction — call it depression, laziness, ambivalence, inertia, fear, whatever — I went to Fertility Fruend to find that I should start OPKing . . . oh, well, let’s see . . . today would be good. (So far, me and the friend have detected ovulation on cycle day 14 and 17.)

In my defense, I tried to buy OPKs last Saturday and my card wouldnt work. I called ADP and they said that it *shouldve* worked and that I should just try again. In other ADP news, they are requesting proof that purchases from the sperm shop are eligible expenses. They said I have 45 days to submit my paperwork, but I just didnt have it in me to ask if I could make this unverified purchase in the meantime. Clearly, I’m assuming that I can.

So wish me luck buying OPKs, as well as sperm, this month.

I still havent come to terms with the fact that getting pregnant has to be this way for me. Where is my sweet gay male neighbor? And why isnt he standing at my doorstep with cups and cups of warm, fresh sperm?


One Response to “When ADP Is Your Daddy”

  1. Debbie said

    I am in a similar boat with you on everything from ADP to the gay neighbor. And why is it SO difficult to get an answer as to whether sperm is officially elligable or not. All I have is anecdotal evidence that it has been successful before. As far as ADP, they ask me for proof of nearly everything I use that debit card for, so an itemized receipt should do it. They have held up my card before when I was slow to send them such proof. But just because the card is held up doesn’t mean the FSA is. I hve made credit card purchases, filed a claim, and been mailed a check. Not sure I yours works the same, but it sure sounds like it does. Good luck!!!

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