The Answers

January 8, 2010

I imagine that most people wouldve wanted this information before the first insemination, but I wasn’t ready for information. I just wanted my magical san francisco baby-making honeymoon and I wanted it free of things like facts. But these are them.

Me: Also, you mentioned that there are ten failed cycles with this donor. How many recipients does this represent?

Sperm Shop: Four other women.

Me: Is there any other information about the recipients’ ages or other circumstances that might help us put this in perspective?

Sperm Shop: ages: 27, 34, 39, 40

Sperm Shop: His post-thaw cyrosurvival is approximately 20 million motile cell per cc of seminal fluid.


6 Responses to “The Answers”

  1. Persephone said

    That’s a great post-thaw motility rate. That’s where our guy is, and I’ve been told to be happy about it. I dunno what to say about the failed cycles. That is so much to sort through. Good luck to you guys figuring this out.

  2. mrsbasement said

    When I posted, I hadnt done any Google doctor consultations, but now I have and it seems like the motility *is* good. Whats more, the sperm shop provides *two* one cc vials for $250.00 and ships for another $250. I havent seen much on the blogs about the cost for ICI vials, but I think this is pretty cheap? Anyway, I’m feeling better than I was.

  3. thebao said

    That is very, very reassuring. The motility is great, and so is the fact that so few women have tried with his sperm, so few times. The vials ARE wicked cheap, too. So each vial you get is a whole cc? Wow.

  4. Persephone said

    We pay twice that much for one IUI vial, minus shipping.

  5. Me said

    I so hear you about the weightiness of facts. Who needs facts?? Glad though that your news is sounding good AND that you’re settling into the new place.

  6. Yeah, thats another thing that I like about this sperm shop — they are not charging *overly* disgusting and prohibitive amounts. Imagine how much it would cost at a regular bank if I wanted ID release. Omg. And, if I’m not mistaken, all ID release is after 18 years of age right? Yeah, I need to feel lucky that I even have three tries this year. I guess.

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