Triple Threat

January 7, 2010

One of my biological mother’s brothers called me today. Someone came to his job to tell me that I was looking for him on Facebook.

He is crazy. Like, really. A lot of pressured speech and tangential thinking, sprinkled with grandiosity and one or two delusions. He is a world class athlete, he has premonitions, etc. I probably said three full sentences during the entire conversation. I only spoke when he asked me questions. He only asked me questions as a way of confirming what he thought he already knew and/or to make up for the fact that he had been talking for so long.

He lives on an island. Has never been married. No children. More evidence, for me anyway. From what I can gather, almost none of his brothers and sisters seem to talk to him, so that’s 7 people who have him on their own personal no-fly list. But he has held the same job for twenty years. Working for the federal government. Which moves him around every couple of years. So, employment is a good thing. 

And he is very upbeat. Pleasant, ever so slightly fun to talk to, or listen to, really. I could get a lot of stories out of him. He was very excited by the idea of sending me postcards from his island. And he, like, his brother, have this wonderful way of talking about their family in these broad generalizations. Us, we, the brothers. They were also both sure to tell me about the accomplishments of the two generations before them. And they call their brothers and sisters my aunts and uncles. It’s satisfying to notice how easily it comes to them.

He confirmed that my biological mother was sexually abused, but he wouldnt tell me by who. My father told me it was her oldest brother.

When I was around 25 I found this out. I also found out that her father, the brother who did the abusing and my dad, who was ten years her senior at the time,  all have the same name.

That’s the kind of stuff that just makes you sad.

Wifebian is on a cleaning jag amd I would have to shout above the din of the dishwasher to talk to her. The dog is trotting around nervously because it’s his first night in the apartment. And I’m feeling . . . a little melancholy.


One Response to “Triple Threat”

  1. Heather said

    Aww, hope tomorrow finds you feeling better. Those biological-but-not-really-known family members can really do a number on our heads. I have quite a story myself but try to live a regular life most of the time. It does make me different though. And special I guess, in a weird way. 🙂

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