A Spider Story

December 27, 2009

The thing you need to know about today is that I took a shower and wrapped a yellow towel around me after it was over. Then, I moved the plants closer to the window, so they could get more light and I watered them. I felt a pricking sensation on my breast and thought, why would such an old towel have tags on it? I went into the bathroom, unwrapped the towel and found a spider smashed against my boobie! It was biting me!

I left it mangled and only half full of life in my bathroom sink. Wifebian mercy killed it after it became clear that my boob was probably not going to swell up or fall off and we would therefore not need to take it with us to the hospital and make an antidote out of its little abdomen.

In other news, we went to the new apartment to measure the windows and the closets, then stopped by the local British pub to have a look-see. There we met a gay bartender who made us Black Velvets (Guiness and cider) and gave us her number. Another good thing that happened today was that I decided to have white curtains in the bedroom.


2 Responses to “A Spider Story”

  1. Me said

    Yum. Black Velvets are good. Glad you made it through the spider attack 😉

  2. Persephone said

    I would’ve freaked out about the spider. White curtains are fresh, brighten things up.

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