Chicken, Fish or Wellbutrin?

December 26, 2009

On Christmas Day my new uncle sent a mass email with  my biological mother’s email address in it. Turns out she has kept her married name. I googled the email address, only to find her place of work, her work phone number, her work website and a picture of her. I called the number to hear her voice. She has an unnaturally deep, almost discomfiting, voice, which I knew. I held the phone up to Wifebian’s ear, so she could hear. I wont otherwise abuse this newfound information.

Every year I write a New Year’s letter and have developed, contrary to all conceits of the genre, a knack for writing honestly about the previous year. I’m toying with the idea of announcing a petition or letter-writing campaign in this letter, in which all of my friends entreaty this cunt to sit down and have lunch with me. Then, like, deliver the petition or the letters to her via singing telegram.

I mean, seriously. It’s not that serious. You were a drug addicted teenage run away. I was an orphan. Chicken or fish. My treat.

Maybe having a laugh at herself will get me what I want.

I was prescribed Wellbutrin. The new doctor told me all about her husband’s depression and drew me pictures of neurons, synapses and receptors. She was fantastically empathetic. Which was nice.

I haven’t started it. It’s just sitting there in the car so no one sees it, next to the new GPS. My new plan is to wait until the first day of my period. It just seems right. Wifebian thinks its an excuse. If I end up getting pregnant, I will stop taking it.

But I really am excited to take it. I will feel happy and lose weight and be able to pay attention?!?! Fuck yeah!

Is there a pill for being a social worker?


5 Responses to “Chicken, Fish or Wellbutrin?”

  1. malea said

    Referring to your mother as a “C” doesn’t suggest you’re ready for healing to take place.

    You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.Forgiveness is a hard pill to swallow,but brings about peace for hearts to change.

  2. Lila Phoenix said

    I don’t know about what malea has said (no offense), you have every right to be angry and I’m not sure that you need to forgive to move on. Personally if I need to forgive to move on then I am screwed, answers are far more helpful in healing than you having to forgive someone who has given you no cause to.
    I personally find it pretty wrong to expect the wronged party to forgive someone who hasn’t recognised that their actions were/are wrong… But that’s just me.

  3. maria said

    i’m rooting for you. and of course, i’ll be part of the letter writing campaign.

  4. Persephone said

    I will totally write a letter for you, but please be careful about the anti-depressants. My wife had a headache for the first month on Wellebutrin and more headaches plus lots of anger when she tried to wean herself off of it.

    Can you try acupuncture or something else to deal with the moods? I just don’t know about going on and off meds like that.

    Oh, and I agree that the bio mom is totally a cunt. I don’t like that word in a non-sexual context, but she is one.

  5. EMQ said

    I will write her, call her, or deliver the singing telegram. Just say the word!

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