The Natural Course

December 23, 2009

I guess this is the natural conclusion to the story, it’s just taken 20 years to get here. At 13, she offered to fly me to Rhode Island. At 18, I got a plant when I went to college. At 20, I got hung up on. At 23 I got ignored and now, at 32, I’m being told no — through a third party. Surely I wont come back for more.

In other news, I am going to a doctor tomorrow to ask for Wellbutrin. I’ve never done this before, but I’m out of suggestions. Be skinny, help others, drink less, go to church, meditate, get married, get a dog, get a hobby. I’m just all out. They say Wellbutrin makes you lose weight, doesnt fuck with your orgasm and probably wont deform your fetus.

I’m sold.


6 Responses to “The Natural Course”

  1. malea said

    Are you seeing a therapist?It might help:)

  2. Persephone said

    You might want to look into Lamictal/lamotrigine. My wife goes to a psychiatrist who specializes in treating pregnant/nursing women and that’s what she got put on.

    I’m still going first, but we’re preparing for how we’re going to handle her mental health stuff when she starts TTC.

  3. Keely said

    What Me said. Sorry you’re going through this. I hope 2010 brings a bounty of wonderful new changes in your family.

  4. H said

    My mum had a similar situation with her birth mother, after the adoption laws opened up she tried for 10 years to get in touch with her birth mother. She finally gave up after being told no she was a big dirty secret or something to that effect, so not quite the same situation but similar, anyway fast forward 8 years and her birth mother got in touch with my mum out of the blue, they met for the first time a few months ago and now mum and me are going to stay with her for new years. Anyway that was mums story I thought I would share it with you to give you back a little bit of hope maybe. Best wishes with the baby and 2010

  5. wifebian said

    my brave mouse.

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