A Quick Update

December 22, 2009

To say that I spoke last night with an uncle. My biological mother is one of eight and he is the youngest. We talked for two hours. He said that she is not happy that I’ve made contact and that she wants the past to stay the past.

My compassion is about run out and I am starting to enjoy the hot center of my rage on this here issue. I thought by being an outspoken, smart, feminist type, that I would somehow avoid the pitfalls of repressing and then regurgitating gobs of anger in my old age, but it turns out I have about 20 years of being really pissed at this bitch to sift through and savor.

He on the other hand is the baby. Who never had children, who has never been sober for more than year, and has the sweet, soft, melted heart of someone who hates himself everyday. He reminds me of my dad.


3 Responses to “A Quick Update”

  1. Keely said

    Wow- congratulations on reaching your uncle. I am sorry that your mother is so unwilling to be contacted. It is totally understandable that you have un petite RAGE on the issue.

    This baby-makin’ business dredges up a lot of old stuff, huh?

  2. Persephone said

    I’m sorry to hear that, Mrs B. At least you’ve made some contact with some bio-family. Maybe bi-mom will soften up with the holidays?

  3. Sarah said

    Oh god, darling. I’m so sorry. I am glad that you reached him and am beyond pissed for you at your bio mom. I just can’t imagine. All my love. xo

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