Great Big Gigantic Love

December 19, 2009

The weirdest thing about living in this house is competing with my wife’s mother for my wife’s time and attention. I mean, I feel like I’m in a polygamous marriage. When we come home from work, we want to spend time with each other, so we go downstairs to the basement and her mother makes comments that Wifebian, “always just goes down stairs,” so she has to get up at 5:00 in the morning to make Wifebian coffee before she goes to work because that is the “only time” she gets to see her.

And tonight, a Saturday night, after I get home from spending 6 hours with clients, I want to go down stairs and tell Wifebian about my day while I get ready to go out, but Wifebian is watching Harry Potter with her mom on the couch and can’t, just, like, come downstairs with me.

This shit is just getting so fucking weird.

We are going to the local gay bar tonight, for the first time. We are not headed into the city, rather even further south, into unknown territory. The club is for “members” and we have to pay extra since we are not “members”. The only “member” places I’ve been are dungeons, so this seems a little retrograde. I mean, seriously, this establishment doesnt even have a website.

As I said on my Facebook status update, I will have to remind Wifebian to wear three pieces of women’s clothing.


One Response to “Great Big Gigantic Love”

  1. meridith said

    the local gay club here is members only or you pay. that absolutely baffles me and seems exclusionary – I know my wife wouldn’t have gotten to spread her gay wings if it hadn’t been for 18 and over nights at a queer bar in the late nineties. Hardly seems fair to shut out the gay southern teens. then again, I assume you all aren’t headed to atlanta 🙂

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