Diamond Disaster

December 18, 2009

The other day I was at the bank when I noticed the teller’s ring. The diamond was small and the band was gold.

The teller was helping me out. My debit card had cracked in half, but I needed four fifty for the deposit. So I went into the credit union where I have an account and asked the teller if she could pretend that she was an ATM, since I couldnt let the ATM suck up my cleaved card. And she could and I was so relieved.

So, the diamond was small and the band was yellow gold, just like my mom’s and I was in a good mood and the teller was so nice and I thought, “I like her ring,” and then I thought, “I should tell her I like her ring,” and then I thought, “No, I shouldnt.”

She wouldve immediately looked at my ring, and then she wouldve, I don’t know, said something self-depricating and then I wouldve said something self-depricating, except I wouldve sounded like an asshole cause my diamond’s bigger. And she was southern, and I was northern and it was this surprisingly clear decision that I just didnt have the social skills to navigate that situation in that moment.

But also so strange. To have such a genuine and kind impulse and then stuff it.


4 Responses to “Diamond Disaster”

  1. Loaf said

    I am always looking at people’s diamonds to see how big they are. Not that I ever had one of my own, but it’s something I do that makes me hate hate hate myself. Or whatever is in myself that drives that impulse. I think you probably did the right thing in this situation. At least you recognized that she could’ve potentially been hurt in that situation and said nothing.

  2. Keely said

    My Ex got me a big diamond and I always felt weird wearing it. There are some deeply embedded codes in the whole diamond ring thing that always made me uncomfortable. I think you did the best by avoiding the whole thing!

    When is your move date? How psyched are you??

  3. emily said

    I never comment on people’s rings because mine is small. I love my ring but I feel like people judge it. Weird.

  4. Erin said

    Hi, new to your blog, enjoying it very much! Commenting on rings can turn awkward very quickly. Someone recently commented on mine (fairly small and antique) and then she got weird when I looked at her’s because it was HUGE!! I said her’s was beautiful, but you could tell she felt odd!

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