What Color Should We Paint the Bedroom?

December 14, 2009

Deposit made; we live on the bottom right side of this beloved, but hulking monstrosity come January 4th.

Also, not enough baby money for December.

In addition, I will be buying something Waverly Toile-ly with depictions of the french countryside on it for my new apartment because I’m just totally loving this awesome new trend, in all seriousness.

And I have a hankering to buy a Mezuzah, like more than ever in my whole life. (Except I put poems about houses in mine.)

(And finally, we havent lived in our own private house in 18 months! I am now no more intruded upon than the average joe.)


12 Responses to “What Color Should We Paint the Bedroom?”

  1. Sarah said

    Yay! No more basement! And soon! Congrats and good luck with the move and all the peace and privacy that brings.

  2. A. said

    Mazel Tov! Here’s to baby making in your own home.

  3. malea said

    No inlaws there so it looks great to me.

  4. Loaf said

    YAY! This is great news. As for colors, I say a light green. That’s my favorite color. But considering your wedding colors, maybe a lavender or blue?

    So glad you are getting the heck out of there.

  5. Keely said

    Hooray! I LOVE that mezuzah! Congrats. I am loving aubergine walls these days. broody but elegant.

  6. Me said

    That is FABULOUS! As for the bedroom color, I vote lavender. That kind of greyish tone. Oh to be able to paint walls….. We’ll get there soon. Happy for you guys.

  7. Trinityvz said

    Yay! Out of the basement! As the other comments go – lavender sounds like a perfect colour to paint your walls.

  8. Mina said

    Glad you’re finally getting out of the basement!

  9. meridith said

    down with basements!

  10. Persephone said

    will you rename the blog?



  11. grays are all the rave right now – green grays, blue grays, warm grays… if you like them.

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