6 Million Monastery Way, Geobama, South Rida, 28709

December 13, 2009

I wish you could create your own address. Like, pick your own house number and pavement name, as well as type.  And then notify the post office. With a notice or something.

In a perfect world, my house number would be all even numbers or all multiples like, 2488 or 369. And the street name would be one word and evocative, like Meridian or Mimosa. And the pavement type would be traditional, like “road” or “street”, not diminuitive like “lane” or “way”.  Around here, a good number of street names are, like, Blue Creek Church Way or Grren Oaks Steeple Creek Road. 


So far I have lived on such notables as . . . well I shouldnt list my notables. But my favorite street name has been . . . Mt Pleasant St. And my favorite house number has been  . . . multiples of three. And my favorite pavement type has been “Run”, which is actually very non-traditional.

At any rate, I am not overly happy with my potential address, if we get this apartment. My street name is in the spirit of words like “hideaway”, “monastary” or “cloister”. But, at least the house number is an alliterative, whole, even number, like 800 Eggplant. And the pavement name, the way one would describe the street surface, is reminiscent of a childhood pavement name, and diminuitive like “lane”, which I can live with. The best example of my new address might be. ” 6 Million Monastery Way”, except “million” makes it seem sexy, when it is actually rather staid. 

We applied Thursday night, but the rental guy hasnt called or emailed, either yesterday or today. Guess he doesnt work weekends.

I focus on this because I don’t understand interest rates or down payments and because we are trying to stay here for at least two years, which is twice as long as we’ve stayed anywhere and well, Ill be addressing a number of envelopes with this moniker, and being a word person, I certainly have preferences.


2 Responses to “6 Million Monastery Way, Geobama, South Rida, 28709”

  1. Loaf said

    When I lived in Iowa, I lived on a numbered st. When I lived in VT, I lived on Church st, when I lived in effing Florida, I lived on Old Saint Augustine Rd (which was different from just Saint Augustine Rd or Ln or dr or Way, each of which existed) and my number was…well, large. No personalized address stamps for me. Now, thank goodness, I’m back to living on a simple street. Main.

  2. mrsbasement said

    yeah! i hate like “43211” addresses with lots of numbers. And I dont care for numbered streets as much as word streets. Ill take “main” over “11th st” any day.

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