Independent Movies Vs. Cute Girls (Sigh)

December 11, 2009

The house got rented, but we are onto this one apartment.

Pros: 2 bedroom/ 1 bath, 1400 square feet, french doors open onto stone patio, hardwood floors, dining room, washer dryer, dishwasher, safe, posh neighborhood, lots of light, lots of closets, six blocks from the only independent movie theater for hundreds of miles, pet fee waived, 900 to move in January 1st, first month’s rent due March 1st, 15 month lease.

Cons: 1st floor, ugly building, ugly foyer, no lock on the main entrance, no locks on the mailboxes, no fence around the yard, old, boring neighborhood filled with millionaires and doctors, ie: no cute girls, all appliances circa 1989, ie: refrigerator smells like sweaty death.

Every time I’m about to move some place new, I have such high hopes, like *this* time I will take the time to find the perfect place in awesome neighborhood at a great price. Is it that I will never have the time, or that there is no such thing as a perfect place in an awesome neighborhood at a great price?

Yesterday, Wifebian announced, without warning, in front of her whole family, that I got my period and was therefore not pregnant. I sat there silent and enraged while no one said anything. The subject was quickly changed, I dont know by who or to what.

And tonight, Wifebian’s mother asked us not to put certain pillows on the floor because they have “emotional significance”.

Yeah, so does my womb, lady.

(Shooooot me.)


6 Responses to “Independent Movies Vs. Cute Girls (Sigh)”

  1. Loaf said


    Hang in there.

  2. Keely said

    20 more days… you’ll be outta there. Wifebian’s mother has a weird attachment to pillows…
    I remember an earlier incident with a “decoration pillow”. What’s that about?

  3. m said

    I was once told by someone not to open a guidebook too widely as he liked to keep his books new. maybe if I had been cracking the spine it might have been warranted but I couldn’t actually read half the page. some people…

  4. thebao said

    You’ll be out of there soon enough, and even unperfect will be better than living with a pillow dictator. I say go for it–that apt sounds like it has most of what you want. You won’t spend a lot of time looking at the outside of the building anyway.

  5. Debbie said

    Privacy! You need it so badly!

    I am so sorry that no one even commented or gave you any sympathy. About six months into my marriage, and dealing with totally enraging family stuff with my in-laws, I am still trying to figure out when/if I can get angry at them as if they are my own family. Stuff that infuriates me has long been accepted as normal by the wusband.

    Just having looked at two bedrooms yesterday, I have realized that indeed the perfect place never exists. But I think for me the neighborhood is in a way even more important than the place itself. I want to find a place where wusb and I can walk around with our eventually-to-be baby and people will coo at our kid, not gape at our family structure. I keep trying to imagine spending three months maternity leave wandering around whatever place we are thinking of moving to.

    Good luck! At least it seems like you can get a lot for your money there. We can only dream of laundry and a patio here in Brooklyn.

  6. mrsbasement said

    Bao — you are really right about the outside of the house. I will see it for like 10 minutes a day.

    And Debbie — yes, the neighborhood is like the arms of a loving, if cold mother. nothing bad will ever happen there.

    Keely – i should make a whole new tag in the cloud just for pillows.

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