December 6, 2009

I’ve cracked. She’s cracked.

We’ve got to move. Moving is the middle ground. I either smash my career, finances and family planning all to hell by moving to San Francisco right now or lose my mind in this basement.

Especially after actually inseminating this month and actually being able to imagine half of what it would be like to sling sperm in this house . . . and we didnt even inseminate with the added bonus of delivery shenanigans. (Delivery shenanigans = sperm being shipped to her sister’s house 15 minutes across the border due to restrictive laws that prevent shipping of biological materials to this state.)

I mean, I folded her father’s underwear this afternoon, but not after her mother folded her binder. Not that that’s why we cracked, but still.

This has gone too far. It has to stop.

And so, “basement baby” becomes “two bedroom one bathroom baby”.

And thats OK by me.

We look at two places tomorrow night and are aiming for a move in date of January 1st.

We’ll just have to pay off the credit cards some other time.


11 Responses to “Update”

  1. Me said

    Cracking. That doesn’t sound good. Two bedroom one bathroom sounds good though.

  2. Heather said

    Oh No!

    I have to agree though, 2bd/1ba sounds nice.

  3. Keely said

    2 BR+ 1 Bath= $1,500/month (give or take)
    Never having to write the words “I folded her father’s underwear”= priceless
    Mastercard debt be damned, pack your sanity and go!

    Good plan! Sorry it’s reached this point!

  4. A. said

    Yes. Sanity needs to be prioritized in these situations. Good luck with the apt hunting.

  5. Loaf said

    Do whatever you need to do to stay sane. Good luck!

  6. Debbie said

    Oh man we has my wusband’s bipolar sister in our apt. four days per week for five weeks and after that experience I have been wondering how on earth you ladies have been handling it. That much family is not such a great thing when you are trying to build a life together so shortly after getting married. There are some things so much more important than money!

    Btw I am so curious: Do you feel pregnant?

  7. metalstork said

    Wait, is the future apt in SF? Or the South? Either way, I’m excited for you two.

  8. good luck apartment hunting! you could stick with the basement theme too, it’ll help defray heating/cooling costs

  9. maria said

    Yikes, seriously!
    Everybody has credit card debt and you can slowly pay it down like the masses. “Do you” as my kids (clients) say.

  10. MamaDeux said

    Good luck! And sounds like a damn good plan to me. You’ll work it out. We have a 2-bed 1-bath apartment, none-too-big, and we’re happily planning to have a baby in here. Your happiness=much more important than money.

  11. thebao said

    Yes. That sounds much nicer and waaaaaaaaaay healthier. Good luck with apartment-hunting!

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