Big Fat You Can’t Make Me

December 5, 2009

So the time to pregnancy test is coming nearer and nearer. More and more near.

December 10th, basically, is what I’m saying.

And I’m thinking, “Why bother?” I mean, really, it just seems like insult to injury if it comes back negative. I mean, why not just wait for my period, seriously. I mean, I know that getting your period doesnt automatically mean you aren’t pregnant, but since we are taking December off (we are taking December off) it just seems like there’s no need to jump to a conclusion on this one.

Basically, this is how oppositional I am. And avoidant of rejection. You say, “Test fourteen days post ovulation” ? I say, “I’ll do it when I feel like it.” You say, “There’s a 90% chance of it being negative”? I say, “Not if I don’t test.”

Considering all of the new-fangled atrocities I am having to endure with this frozen-sperm-for-sale-in-the-syringe-ship- it-on-dry-ice process, it seems like good old-fashioned fun to just miss a period!

In other news, Wifebian and one of her parents were agreeing that the parent’s son was not as hard as he was portraying himself to be. Then, to emphasize her son’s total harmlessness, the parent said, “Yeah, he wouldn’t bite a biscuit.”


2 Responses to “Big Fat You Can’t Make Me”

  1. m said

    we waited to miss. but then we didn’t know if she HAD missed. and then I spent several days thinking she’d missed by a week or not yet at all. and then she almost killed me and left me in a ditch. well, not really a ditch. anyway, I’m an advocate of missing – for the fun – or, as some folks called it, torture.

  2. A. said

    I would so do this. Avoidance rules.

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