The Tree Dream

November 29, 2009

The night before the first insemination, I had a dream that I was sitting in a tree watching friends from middle school and high school playing games, but we were all adults. I wasn’t talking to anyone. I decided to leave. I climbed down the tree very quickly and gracefully and noticed I was wearing a skirt. I didnt say goodbye to anyone, although I saw them watch me leave. When I got back to where I was going, I remembered that I had a baby. Because it was conceived with donor sperm it had to have a surgery (logic internal to the dream). I unwrapped the bandages from the head and was pleased to find that the child’s eyes opened easily and could see. I felt guilty because I was long overdue to unwrap the baby. I was angry with myself for neglecting it for so long and now it was a toddler. It was misbehaving and I was sad that I missed the cute baby time.

This is the second dream I have had in which the child is wrapped up and then unwrapped after infancy. I was in fostercare between the ages of ten months and two years and I think that’s what’s coming up in these dreams. And it is wholly fascinating.

So, we are back in the basement, back to our basement ways. She is on the computer working. I am on the computer blogging and the dog is curled up between us in his beagle-shaped cinnamon bun.

Remind me to tell you about the bacon maple donut I had yesterday, back when I was in San Francisco.


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