Dexter. Phinn. Rue. Ginger. Charlotte. Cybil.

November 19, 2009

Those are the names we play with.

Middle SIL had a 4D ultrasound on Monday. She is having a girl. First name rhymes with Shmarlie, but starts with a “Ch”. Second name rhymes with Geese, but starts with an “R”, like the cup or the pieces. I am highly approving of this name.

The whole thing about trying to conceive is that I could take it or leave it. You know, I was just too cool to get all tied up in birth and biology cause I’m like, all sensible and abandoned and what not. But man, that was kind of before I saw a 4d sonogram.

Geez Louise!


2 Responses to “Dexter. Phinn. Rue. Ginger. Charlotte. Cybil.”

  1. Loaf said

    4D ultrasound? That sounds so creepy! How do they even do that?

    That’s a great name, though. Have fun in SF!

  2. A. said

    Charlotte is one of ours too. And your SIL’s name is great! And yeah, sonograms, man. They get a girl like that.

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