Days, Dollars and Donuts

November 13, 2009

In pre-trying news, the sperm bank takes my health savings account debit card, freeing up a few hundred of dollars for actual honeymoon stuff. But, on the day I’m to ovulate, also known as Thanksgiving Day, the bank is closed. I don’t imagine that’s such a big deal, unless I get a positive OPK after business hours the day before Turkey Day, in which case, I’ll be ever so slightly sad.Those spermies can last in the tank thing for a few days, right, though so we could just grab some on the 25th if I still havent egg-u-lated?

Seriously, though, who am I kidding. I don’t know what I’m doing! We’re just gonna get that sperm in there, for better or for worse, a day late and a dollar short and see if we can’t make some donuts!

Also, I’ll be working 6 days a week until we leave for SF on the 21st. Which is making me a little nutty.

The sad thing in all this is that I havent gotten a chance to tell you the top ten list of reasons I want a baby. Nor have I told you all of the trendy, olde tyme and sweet grandma names I wanna slap on that there kidlet when it pops out. And what with me being pregnant in less than a month, I just wonder where I will find the time to tell you!

Off to watch Dr. Drew’s new show, “Sex Rehab” — pig in shit I am.

Remind me to stop drinking (Starbucks) coffee, will ya?


One Response to “Days, Dollars and Donuts”

  1. m said

    oh we have grandma names too! I wonder if grandma names will be the new trend?

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