Are You Ready for Audience Participation?

November 10, 2009

Last night, after posting, I searched for apartments in DC and came up with hole after over-priced hole. I stayed up until 3 or 4, sleepless. Then, yesterday, I had lunch with an older, wiser lesbian co-worker who asked me a few questions, mostly focusing on Wifebian’s work situation. We didnt talk about the credit card debt, or Wifebian’s family reasons for coming down here, or even how my social work licensure will be further stymied by a move. Then she peppered me with sweet stories about her IVF twins. At the end of the lunch, she said, “I think you should stay.” And I did, too.

Last night, Wifebian said that word on the street was that her old job was wary about poaching Wifebian from a sister school. This morning, with a few hours of rest under my belt, I told Wifebian that there is no way her old job will offer us enough money to make another move painless and that we arent leaving. I held up three fingers and said, “Your family, our baby, credit cards,” these things are also known as our current priorities. She became non verbal and curled up into a ball of regression and anxiety, which meant she was submitting to my wifely will.

All of this makes me feel little immature. We are both these wild pendulums swinging back and forth between our twenties and our thirties, undecided about everything except for each other. We probably wont start acting like we are thirty until sometime after forty.The kid will be ten, fer chrissake!

I also realized, only this morning, that Wifebian started this job negotiation stuff without talking to me first! It came to me in a flash and I tried to communicate, with as much love and as many curse words as possible, that she has to stop making important decisions without me! For those of you that dont know, she made the decision to move here without me, as well, for which she has been (mostly) forgiven because her motivations are so honorable.

But, still.

Enough, already.

So. This is the plan, (guiding principles in parenthesis, three fingers in the air):   Get pregnant (our baby). Move twenty minutes away to sleepy, mid-sized capital city (Wifebian’s family). Buy a condo before the first-time homebuyers tax credit expires in April; use tax credit to pay off one credit card (credit card debt). Sell condo in three years; use profit (and subsequent tax credits for having a kid and a house) to pay off second credit card (Credit card debt).

There will be a quiz, Wifebian.

Are you reading this???

Also, I have not started my period yet. If it comes today and I ovulate the same cycle day as last month,  I will ovulate on November 26, just two days before I leave San Francisco. That’s an uncomfortable situation to be in.

Finally, Wifebian’s father is suing the trucking company that employed the driver who drove the truck into the car carrying Wifebian’s brother just ten months ago. Today and tomorrow are the depositions. Wifebian has off tomorrow and will be going to the depositions with her mom and dad.

Put those fingers up and say it with me, blog family: “Wifebian’s family, basement baby, credit card debt.”


One Response to “Are You Ready for Audience Participation?”

  1. Me said

    Credit Card debt

    Way to take care of business 🙂

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