Knowns, Unknowns, Known Unknowns, and Unknowns Unknowns

November 6, 2009

Will Wifebian quit her job and move us back to DC in December? Will she succumb to the two months of recruiting and take an administrator position in her previous school system, making enough money to support us both? Will I babysit the children of her colleagues for a living? Will we rent a room in the award-winning math teacher’s house in the middle of the ghetto?

We don’t know.

Will Wifebian’s father take us out to lunch tomorrow and offer to pay for a downpayment on a house — but only if we stay down South? Will we finally find a house, just days before the conclusion of the newly extended first-time homebuyers tax credit? Will Wifebian’s principal lose his job? Will my personality-disordered coworker get jumped, have a heart attack and resign all in the same month? Will Wifebian get 3 points on her license for this weekend’s speeding ticket, or 5? Will the insurance go up by 300 dollars or 500 times 2?

We just don’t know.

Will we be going to San Francisco in 15 days?


Will I be putting oodles of sperm in my cooch?


Will it get me pregnant?

Again, we just don’t know.


5 Responses to “Knowns, Unknowns, Known Unknowns, and Unknowns Unknowns”

  1. libberal said

    Not sure if I’ve commented before, but have been a satisfied reader for a couple of weeks. Good luck with the oodles, and have fun here in SF! Congrats on your insem, can’t wait to read more!

  2. metalstork said

    i’m glued to your channel.

  3. thebao said

    good luck with everything that may or may not be happening, and huge good luck with everything that definitely is.

  4. fishes said

    oh my! i kinda hope for the sperm + move back to DC thing. i might be on my way home, too. i could be a egg-auntie.

  5. Plain Jane said

    I’m thinking positive baby thoughts for you! Good luck!

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