Diary of an Evening

November 5, 2009

6:30 Leave the home of a client who wishes only for Mrs. Basement to spontaneously combust sooner rather than later

6:40 Call Wifebian. Tell her I’m headed home.

6:41 Run into a wall of traffic framed by flashing lights telling me that all lanes are blocked

6:42 Stick it out, instead of exiting the highway

6:47 Clear accident site only to find that one lane is blocked. Congratulate self on smart commuter decision. Briefly remember that I hate people who talk about, think about and feel competitive toward traffic.

6:40 – 6:59 Listen as Wifebian tells me about her day in which a student pushed her, another tore maps off of the wall, a parent belittled her and a vice principal lied to a parent and said that the principal is away on a family emergency when actually he is on administrative leave for inappropriate physical discipline of a student.

6:59 Phone dies in the middle of Wifebian’s sentence. Arrive home. Walk dog to avoid mil.

7:10 Wifebian arrives.

7:11 – 7:19 Read magazine article mil has left on the kitchen counter about a mother and a daughter with an eating disorder while eating peanut M&Ms for dinner

7:25 Go to Sonic with wife to get MIL a cheeseburger

8:37 Arrive home, assuming that wife wants to watch a Netflix documentary with me. It is about a marriage. A failed one.

8:38 Wifebian says she is expecting a work call at 9:00 PM. Mrs. Basement curses at wife, “What the fuck, Wifebian???”

8:38 – 8:41 Argue with Wifebian about how she works too much. Explained that what she did to make the kid push her is like what she just did to me to make me curse at her

8:41 Wifebian assertively and lovingly defends herself against my inanity

8:42 Mrs. Basement gets a clue

8:43 Wifebian tells me she went into the bathroom at work, held her head in her hands and cried today. I tell Wifebian *I* held *my* head in *my* hands and cried *yesterday*! (Except I was in the left hand turn lane and got honked at.)

8:44 Apologize to Wifebian for cursing at her

8:46 Dog snuggles Wifebian’s butt, Wifebian snuggles my foot, Mrs. Basement snuggles blog

8:48 Wifebian falls asleep

9:10 Work call still hasnt come

9:11 Mrs. Basement begins watching 51 Birch Street alone.






2 Responses to “Diary of an Evening”

  1. A. said

    I know these days. Thank goodness for the snuggling though.

  2. metalstork said

    yay for peanut m&m’s and a wife who remains calm when you think aloud.

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