First Positive

October 27, 2009

I got my first positive OPK tonight. It was a smiley face. Wifebian was with me. She got all sweet and huggy. I’m not a sweet and huggy person. She kissed on me and suggested we bump. Then she switched into a sad voice about how she was sad that she couldnt get me pregnant and wasn’t I sad, too? Then I let the dog out and she started to read her book.

This all makes me think about pregnancy testing, of course. Will she be with me the first time I test? Will I call and tell her right away? Or will I want to be alone with the information for a while for better or for worse? I’m such a solitary, internal person. And she is so good to humor and cajole me, in equal measure, as needed.

In more technical terms, today is cycle day 14. Last month, my cycle was 28 days and Fertility Amigo said I ovulated on cycle day 17. I’m really proud of my mostly neat and tidy cycle. I may have horrendous scoliosis, fat thighs and a big nose, but damn if my menstrual cycle isnt just like the ones in the magazines.


3 Responses to “First Positive”

  1. Vikki said

    It’s all such a process -technically…emotionally…physically. Good luck.

  2. A. said

    Ok your vanity about your cycle cracks me up!

    I have (oddly) been thinking about this a lot lately (odd because I am not trying to get preggers anytime soon)–how I would tell him when I am. Such a strange announcement to make.

  3. thebao said

    Hooray for a positive OPK and a predictable cycle. And I think that when you get that positive preggo test, you’ll probably freak the eff out in excitement and won’t be able to hold it in.

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