The Flip Flop Dream

October 22, 2009

Last night I had a dream that Wifebian was spending lots of money outside of our budget, planned to take a vacation without me and then, on the morning she was supposed to leave, asked if she could sleep with other people while she was gone. I think she was going to Puerto Rico. One of the things she bought in the dream was a pair of flowery flip flops. I threw them into oncoming traffic. That was a highlight of the dream. A very Mrs. Basement thing to do.

When we woke up and I told her about it, she took the opportunity to emphasize that it would appear that I do not want an open marriage, which was a funny little coup on her part because, when we got together, I was a big booster of non-monogamy. Then, she told me that she dreamed that a hyena bit her cooch and that her belly was too big to zip up her pants.

It was busy in the basement bed last night.

In other basement bed news, two days ago, an electrician came to the house to fix loose outlets. After we left for work, Wifebian’s mother came into our room and made our bed in preparation for the electrician. This is not the first time she has done something like this in preparation for visitors, usually the maids. It kind of enrages me that she touched the bed.

I mean, really? Do I deserve not one shred of dignity or respect? I  swear to heaven above I am going to put a bottle of lube in the unmade bed the next time the maids are scheduled to come. This would be another very Mrs. Basement thing to do.


3 Responses to “The Flip Flop Dream”

  1. Mina said

    Ugghhh. I give you major props for managing to tolerate that kind of stuff.

  2. Heather said

    We lived with my in-laws for six months and it’s something I’d never repeat.

  3. Blazer said

    Count to 10 (slowly) and set an escape date that you can look forward to. Otherwise you will go insane.

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