Buck Stop

October 13, 2009

The SIL is OK and the coworker has been MIA since Friday — hasnt reported for work, hasnt returned calls from our supervisor.

I stayed at work four hours longer than I had to in order to avoid being alone in the house with mil and fil. I have a  headache. But, my spirits are good. I am listening to the lovely stylings of some sitcom mingling with the sound of the dog chewing living god out of his rubber toy. Wifebian is flipping through some kids’ magazines. We are all just trying to figure out our new routines in this funky little life we’ve made for ourselves.

Oh. And Asheville is out. We have both moved no fewer than 14 times in 14 years. Unfortunately, the buck is stopping South of the Mason Dixon, 20 miles outside of a mid-sized city, but seriously, it has to stop somewhere, right?


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