Crystal Ballsy

September 28, 2009

I’ve been charting my basal body temperature for 7 days now, I am on cycle day 13. From Sunday to today, I’ve had a drop in temperature from 98.4 to 97.4, but no egg white – type cervical mucus. I’ve had three negative OPKs. I’ve watched 3 fertility friend videos and taken 3 lessons. Based on all this, I feel I shouldve had a positive OPK, but I havent.

I feel like two people. One of the people is watching a movie. The other of the people is sitting next to the person watching the movie making irritating predictions about what’s gonna happen next.

I totally hate that person.

Speaking of predictions, in the week before the wedding it crossed my mind to write about what I thought certain things would be like, and then follow up with a post about how they really were. But I never got around to it. So, with this blog, let me guess on a few things.  Looking back on the predictions, I’m sure I will find myself to have been at times naive or totally hubristic (made that one up), but I anticipate that mostly, I’m a realistic, level- headed kind of kid and it will all mostly be how I think it will be, in no small part due to my extensive blog reading.

Prediction number 1: I will never feel guilty for getting pregnant.


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