Grateful Prostates and Living Funerals

September 27, 2009


There were more than a few messages at Meeting today. Attendance was less than usual. The first message was from a man thanking the Meeting for holding him in the light as he has surgery for a very treatable prostate cancer. More messages followed centering on the idea of gratitude. One woman described a weekend in the woods with an old friend, the friend’s husband and her own daughter. A couple of people talked about long and happy lives, the delights of retirement, long marriages in spite of difficulties. Another talked about the recent death’s of seven friends’ and colleagues’ parents and the death of her own mother.

A few referred to the elderbration we were going to have after Meeting. Four of the Meeting’s members are over 80. We had a living funeral for them, essentially an opportunity to share stories about them, and them about themselves, while they are still alive. Of the four, only one, the lesbian, was well enough to attend. She is beyond well — quirky, loving and spontaneous. Ever so slightly gruff. She even made a pass at Wifebian two weeks ago. A former PE teacher. All I ever wanted to do in life was play games, she said.

Wifebian and I spent the later part of the day on a rooftop deck. I initiated a converation about our own twilight years. I meant to talk about how we want to retire, how we want to die. But all Wifebian could say is that she will never love again if I die first. I said her views on death are as immature as my views on procreation and she agreed.


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