Not In Your Hand

September 24, 2009

So there’s this study I saw on TV once, where they put a kid in front of some M&Ms, told the kid not to touch the M&Ms, then left the kid in the room alone to see if they could resist. Turns out, the kids who resisted the M&Ms had higher SAT scores later in life. Take home messsage: people who can delay gratification, endure temptation, manage impulses — whatever — do, like, better in life. Or whatever.

That being said, Wifebian and I have talked ourselves down from the ledge and are recommitted to staying in the basement. Paying 2,000 dollars a month, we can bring  our credit card debt to zero in 7 months.  Perhaps this pay schedule is ambitious, maybe unrealistic, but if we move out, there won’t be any pay schedule to speak of at all.

The irony of this is that the mil keeps 6 jars, and since this is the South, they are mason jars, in the kitchen filled to the brim with Skittles and M&Ms.

When anyone in the family asks if maybe she could not do that, or at least not keep chocolate candies in the jars, she reminds the family member that the candies’ primary purpose is decoration.


2 Responses to “Not In Your Hand”

  1. Me said

    I love that! Hilarious. Sounds like something my Mom would say.

  2. Blazer said

    I do believe your MIL is evil and sadistic. But, hell, cheap rent for a few months is probably way worth it. Good luck.

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