Colorful Language

September 2, 2009

As my dad got older and sicker, more and more Southernisms would come out of him. I was too scattered and rattled to enjoy it and I can’t even begin to recreate half of the crazy stuff that came out of his mouth, but this week I have enjoyed quite a few humdingers.

The office lady at my new job on her air conditioning: “It’s so cold in my house I could hang meat.”

A coworker on how long she had been waiting for another coworker to finish paperwork: ” . . . since God was a boy.”

And finally, a client on how little he cares about law enforcement: “Cops are just a pigment of my imagination.”


One Response to “Colorful Language”

  1. Vikki said

    One of my all time favorites:

    It’s hotter than two rats f*&%ing in a red wool sock.

    I only use it among close friends but it makes me laugh every time.

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