Wife On Two Legs

September 1, 2009

Yesterday I demonstrated remarkable self restraint indicating growth in the wife department. Let me tell you all about it.

So one of my ugly little habits is assigning blame. For fun, for sport, for revenge, for information, almost always. I’m a real big fan of cause and effect and if I can throw a little accountability in for good meaure, so much the better. Yesterday, on my way from my job to pick up the wifebian at hers, I looked in this little middle compartment thingie for the directions. When we first moved to this sunny southern clime, we decided that we would save all of the directions we printed out or wrote down so we would have a compendium of directions at our finger tips. Well, when I checked the console all of the directions were gone and an image of a clean-up crazed wifebian sweeping the car at some point this weekend surfaced in my mind’s eye. I saw her throwing stuff away, but we had agreed to keep directions, so it didnt occur to me that she might be chucking the compendium.

When I called the wifebian to get directions, I did not mention my finger tips and how there were no directions at them. Didn’t inquire, didn’t allude, didn’t point out. Of course, I also didnt apologize for being late or lost. But that’s the thing. Wifebian wasnt upset, so it was not required of me to apologize, or explain, or blame. Just to figure out where I was in relation to her.

Of course I had to, like, bite my lips shut to keep it in, but the urge to break down the issue, to map out cause and effect while highlighting the role of her maniacal cleaning habit, was tamed and has slowly subsided. Tonight, I have no trace of the urge. This restraint, this buddha-like ability to focus on the solution to a problem rather than the cause, clearly means I am well on my way to becoming the best wife on two legs.


2 Responses to “Wife On Two Legs”

  1. Hey! Thanks for commenting on my blog!

    Ok, I need to learn this little trick here… because I woulda been all ABOUT the where the heck did you put my stuff!? LOL

    Thank god for GPS. 😀

    ::adding you to my google reader::

  2. Me said

    Nice work! That would be quite a feat for me.

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