August 30, 2009

tich collage

Meeting today was approximately dynamite.

I have resolved to pepper the blog with collages using images gleaned from Meeting messages. From this collage you might surmise that one woman spoke about how Thich Naht Han is in the hospital with pneumonia and she used the image of a mosquito biting her leg and extracting her blood to feed her baby mosquitos as a metaphor for the entirety of our interconnectedness and another woman talked about how her son wants a chihuahua and she wants to home school and how we are all led to do impractical, inadvisable things that we sometimes just have to do against all practice and advice and how another woman used the word “beginingless”, which I had never heard before.

Or you might surmise something else entirely based on your own feelings about hospital gowns, mosquitos, brown faces and little, white dogs.


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