Breakthrough of Pacifying Proportions

August 29, 2009

Tomorrow morning I am getting up at 5:30 am to go grocery shopping for the ingredients to make vegan potato spinach squares. After Quaker meeting, there is a newcomer potluck and we are going to add some luck to the pot. If you had told me ten years ago that I would be getting up at 5:30 am on a Sunday to cook for church I would have told you, politely, that you were dumb.

Today we, in order,  had sex, watered mil’s ferns (since she is away), got coffee and library cards, visited wifebian’s great aunt and uncle, watched the documentary Man on a Wire and most of the special Michael Vick’s dogs, we baked some frozen lasagnas and now I’ve started laundry. Currently, wifebian is You-tubing PS-22’s chorus.

At the library, I got a book called Mindful Motherhood for the middle SIL because she is pregnant. After getting pregnant three months ago on the first try, she was diagnosed with blighted ovum. They tried mifepristone, but it didn’t work so she had a D&C.  She took last month off and tried again this month and . . . done. I have no idea if the book will be interesting to her, but it was to me — it’s just that I’m not the one that’s pregnant.

On the subject of our own baby-making, Hubs and I were talking about short-term disability and she mentioned that she spent an undisclosed period of time looking at pacifiers in the CVS the other day. I was very touched by this. I told her so. She said that me getting a job and therefore having health insurance has opened up new baby vistas in her mind. This is the first I’ve seen of her plain and unabashed baby-wanting. Up until two weeks ago or so,  she had been alternating between pragmatic, insecure, and in disagreement when it came to baby talk.

It feels pretty fuckin’ fantastic to hear her talk about buyin’ pacifiers.

Next step in the baby plan — make an appointment for a California friend to visit Mr. Le!and Tr@iman at R@inbow F!ag Hea!th Serv!ces. Hubs won’t proceed without an eye witness account of the outfit’s cleanliness and professionalism; file under pragmatic. If all goes well, we will have the first batch of donor 25-182-702’s spunk-tastic goo delivered in October.

Happy 32nd birthday to me, indeed.


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