Second House Meeting Aborted

August 23, 2009

The house meeting was canceled about an hour ago.

“I just talked with FIL and we don’t feel like talking,” MIL said while laughing nervously.  Unsurprised.

About a half hour later, me and wifebian and MIL walked the dogs. If I was more mature, or more brave, I might’ve said, “So, we can have a house meeting without FIL, what upset you the other day?” But I didnt. Scared, hopeless . . .  bored?

She reminds me of my own mom. I have tried to have conflicts with my own mom. They are brief. Anxious. And full of excuses, pauses and fear. I’ve had small conflicts with MIL that are the same. I just don’t care enough. While all relationships are precious and full of infinite possibility, especially those of a family nature, I just dont think this woman is capable of more.

Or maybe we just arent in that phase of our development. Maybe it’s coming. Maybe something important enough will happen and we will be ripe enough to take the plunge into eye contact and “I statements”.

Knowing however, that this family depends on silence and time to blunt hurt feelings, rather than honesty and openess, and then disowns people once the feelings those people cause are too threatening to blunt, my hopes are not high.

Or maybe she is a housewife and I am unemployed and we have lived together for about three weeks now and we will both be getting over ourselves shortly enough.


One Response to “Second House Meeting Aborted”

  1. Trinity said

    I don’t know how you do it, I wouldn’t survive a week if I lived with my in-laws.

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