Nerves, Horror, Hilarity

August 22, 2009

The middle SIL is a vet tech and today I popped my first prenatal vitamin in the parking lot at her job. We got the vitamins at Walgreen’s and then we called middle SIL to tell her we were on our way.  She came out to take a picture with her camera phone. Wifebian posed, the pill pinched between her index finger and thumb, my mouth open. (It reminded me of the cake cutting at the reception.) I washed the vitamin down and gave the middle SIL a high five. Tonight, while the family was watching a movie, she borrowed my computer, pulled up some at-home sonogram equipment on Amazon dot com costing in the hundreds of dollars and whispered about how we should go in on it together. I was surprised by how long and hard I laughed.  Part nerves, part horror, part hilarity. (The movie was about Mike Tyson.) I never imagined having a side kick in all of this and didnt realize how much I need one.

In other news, MIL is calling a house meeting for tomorrow night.  (The house meeting regarding laundry never materialized.) From what Lauren has been able to gather, twice I have failed to say hello or goodbye to MIL and MIL’s upset. Today, when we got back from the parking lot, she unlocked the door, turned on her heel and walked away without speaking. Two hours earlier, me and the wife had fumbled, but recovered a goodbye, me thinking that she had done it, I didn’t, then she did, but — MIL was already mad.  So we get home, she’s not speaking to us, the wife called down the hallway to ask if something was wrong. MIL said, “I don’t think I should talk about it now.” I promptly went downstairs and wife promptly walked to her mother’s bedroom in the back. Wifey was downstairs in five though, reporting that MIL was still refusing to talk.

I’m doing my best to stay optimistic and constructive. Mama — as in this Mama — has a credit card bill to pay.

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