August 13, 2009

Today I applied for 11 jobs.  All of them were social work-related, except one.

I think it would be totally awesome to be a photographer at Olan Mills. In my cover letter, I told them I was taking a year off from the field of social work to relax and rejuvenate. I could not pay off my credit card earning 15,000.00 dollars a year, but I would be buoyant and could start my own wedding photography business. Just one of a million daydreams in which I am not a social worker.

I never thought I wouldnt want to be a social worker. I thought I would be some crazy white lady, wallowing like a pig  covered the shit of racism and poverty until I could execute the activities of daily living in only 3 out of 5 trials. But these days, I have other ideas.

My wife is a special education teacher. She seems very happy with it.


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